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Improving enterprise business process management systems

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This book (see its introduction and table of contents) looks at the following three concepts of BPM:

[the theory]
BPM as a management discipline (i.e. managing business by processes);
[the tools]
BPM as a software (BPM suite);
[the practice]
BPM as a portfolio of the business processes of an enterprise, and the practices and tools for governing the design, execution and evolution of this portfolio (BPM system).

In particular this book concentrates on the last concept which is often neglected although all enterprises need it. This book will help you to industrialise enterprise BPM systems. It describes a holistic approach to the application of BPM and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) for improving enterprise business performance, including

  • how to use architecture to reduce complexity,
  • how to use a BPM reference model and BPM artefacts,
  • tips on mastering the most difficult aspect – people,
  • guidelines on the modelling in BPMN,
  • recommendations for designing flexible systems, and
  • in-depth discussion about the link with enterprise architecture (EA).






<quote> In contrast to other publications on the topic which fail to evenly balance the business and IT aspects and tend put to readers off by either being too abstract of too technical, this book manages to successfully walk that fine line. Alex leads the reader from the basic premises of BPM as a business discipline to the development of an architectual framework which – as he says in the introduction – ‘is not about how to make your products better, different or more attractive for the market place – this is for you to decide. What we offer is to help you reduce the overheads in doing so …’ </quote> See the full review at Also, it is available in German.

By Michael Poulin - "All processes are services", says new book on BPM

<quote> The author believes into strong coupling between BPM and SOA, and, when defining term 'process', adds:"some operations of a service can be implemented as a process, and a process includes services in its implementation." So, when you read about processes in this book, you may mean services. </quote> See the full review at

By Steve Towers, Founder & Chair, BP Group

<quote> This is a book for those interested in developing an understanding of BPM from a technology viewpoint. Well presented, logical and a useful tool for those involved in delivering effective technical solutions </quote>
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