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Teaching BPM

Document Training course "Modelling of business processes with an open source BPM suite"
Document Training course "BPM advanced topics: from business strategy to process execution"
Document Предложение об учебном курсе «Практическое применение BPM»
File Enterprise architecture "connects the dots" (thus creating a holistic system from the constituent parts)
At present, there are many IT-related methodologies, technologies, tools and schools of thoughts which overlap and contradict each other. The best practices are actually the best only in particular situations. Often decisions are taken on the in-complete and subjective base. All of this tremendously complicates the modern information systems thus reducing their potential effectiveness and efficiency.
File Practical “managing by processes” for business analysts
As enterprises are more and more often managed by processes, the coherent understanding and use of Business Process Management (BPM) and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) between the business and IT becomes critical to improve the enterprise performance. At present, there is still no world-wide agreed views on BPM and SOA. This creates a serious barrier between the business way of “managing by processes” discipline and the IT approach to delivery “managing of processes per se” technologies and tools (BPM suites and SOA). Combining those two views (on the basis of the overarching enterprise architecture viewpoint) allows to achieve the synergy between the business strategies, business needs, best business practices and the potentials of modern technologies and tools. As the business analysts are the people who are systemising the business requirements and matching them with the IT potentials, they should be the primary role to be equipped with the overarching viewpoint.
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